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Andi and Cutter

Equi-Trek Saves the Day

15th Nov 2019

Andi Lynch, of Venture County, California, recently had a life saving experience, when the ranch where her horse Cutter is stabled came under threat from the wildfire known as Easy Fire. The wildfire managed to destroy over 1,700 acres and forced thousands to flee their homes in California.

As the fire raged across Simi Valley Equestrian country, Andi, hitched up her trailer and raced to evacuate their precious animals to the safety of Ventura County Fairgrounds. Once safely at the fairgrounds, many people returned to the danger zone, disregarding their own safety, to rescue more animals and horses still at risk from the fire.

A relieved Andi Lynch said, “My horse, Cutter, is boarded in Simi Valley where I also keep my trailer. I got an alert about the Easy Fire and raced to the barn and was hooked up and had him and tack and hay loaded in 15 minutes. That includes taking the trailer from the opposite end of the 240-acre ranch to his corral. I got him out minutes before the fires raged on the property. We stayed at the Ventura County Fairgrounds for 3 days until it was safe to return. All I kept thinking as I drove out of the fire was how grateful I was to have purchased the Western-Treka.  It got a lot of attention at the Fairgrounds especially when the side goes down and Cutter just saunters in”.

The Easy fire was one of several blazes that broke out across Southern California on Wednesday 30th October.