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12th Feb 2016

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Flettner Ventilator Example

Revolutionary new horsebox ventilation system now available at Equi-Trek

1st Jan 2016


Flettner Ventilator Limited - Focus on horse well-being in partnership with Equi-Trek.

Equi-Trek Limited are delighted to announce the launch of our new strategic partnership with Flettner Ventilator Limited, the world’s leader in wind-powered roof ventilation. We will now be offering the ultra-reliable Flettner 2000 ventilator to provide our customers with an additional low cost and maintenance-free ventilation option for their vehicles.

Flettner Ventilator Limited

At Flettner our priority is the wellbeing of horses whenever they are being transported in a Horsebox or Horse Trailer. Our wind powered ventilators will help to remove excessive heat and improve the air quality inside the vehicle at a rate that’s only usually possible using an expensive powered solution. With over 80 years of experience in wind powered ventilation, Flettner Ventilator can help maintain a safer and less stressful environment for a horse inside a vehicle.

Wind power – Smarter Ventilation

The quality of the air that your horse breathes in has a fundamental bearing on its overall wellbeing, and ventilation is essential during transportation. Positive ventilation, as provided by the Flettner Ventilator, will remove excess heat from the horsebox in warmer weather as well as removing any unwanted moisture, odours, ammonia and air borne spores that may have built up. The Flettner 2000 will do this all year round and with no running costs. The Flettner roof ventilator works by continuously extracting air when the vehicle is moving, and also when the vehicle is stationary subject to a light breeze. It is significantly more effective that just opening a static vent. Manufactured exclusively in the UK, Flettner ventilators come with a lifetime warranty.

Paul Wilson, Business Manager at Flettner Ventilator Limited said: “We have a long history of successfully delivering wind-powered ventilation for a range of applications. We are absolutely delighted that Equi-Trek are now able to add our Flettner 2000 solution to their portfolio of products”.

Tom Janion, Managing Director of Equi-Trek said: “The simplicity and efficiency of the Flettner 2000 is important to us and our customers. With no maintenance required and no on-going running costs I feel it’s a great option. Flettner ventilators will be available from all of our dealers”.

Flettner Ventilator will be presenting the product on the Equi-Trek stand at the Great Yorkshire Show on 14th, 15th and 16th of July.


Equi-Trek sponsored riders make the longlist for Rio 2016

21st Jun 2016

The Olympics are fast approaching, and this week the British Equestrian Federation published longlists of athletes and horses with a chance of being selected to compete at the games in their respective disciplines. 

Great Britain has qualified 4 athletes for dressage, 4 for eventing, 4 for showjumping and 5 for para dressage. The dressage, jumping and eventing teams will be announced on July 5th and the Paralympic squad will be announced on the 14th. 

Nominated entries: Dressage

Carl Hester with Jane De La Mare and his own Nip Tuck

Carl Hester with Coral Ingham’s Wanadoo

Nominated entries: Eventing

William Fox-Pitt with Christopher Stone’s Chilli Morning

Tom McEwen with Frank and Jane Inns’ Toledo De Kerser

Nicola Wilson with Gerry and Mary Kemp and Janine Shewan’s One Two Many

Nominated entries: Jumping

Jessica Mendoza with Sarah Mendoza’s Spirit T

Nick Skelton with Beverley Widdowson’s Big Star

John Whitaker with Team Harmony Management Co Ltd’s Ornellaia

Michael Whitaker with Beverley Widdowson’s Cassionato

Michael Whitaker with Melissa Braybrooke’s Viking

Nominated entries: Para-Equestrian Dressage

Sophie Christiansen with Diane Redfern’s Athene Lindebjerg

Sophie Christiansen with her own Janeiro 6

Equi-Trek to support Team GBR

Equi-Trek to supply Team GBR

1st Jan 2016


Equi-Trek have agreed a two year partnership with the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) as their ‘Official Supplier of equestrian trailers to the British Equestrian Team’ until the end of 2016. 

Equi-Trek will be providing two trailers - a Cyclone 100 and a Space-Treka III - for use by the Equestrian World Class Programme and British equestrian athletes throughout the season. One of the units, which has been fitted out as a mobile physiotherapy and veterinary unit, made its debut at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials last month, and will be heading up to the Equi-Trek Bramham International Horse Trials next week (11-14 June) to provide support to British riders during the event.

Funded by the National Lottery, the World Class Programme identifies talent, develops potential and supports Team GBR to win medals at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and other major equestrian Championships.

Tom Janion, Managing Director of Equi-Trek commented; “We are delighted to have been appointed by the British Equestrian Federation as official trailer supplier to Team GBR as they prepare for the forthcoming European Championships”.

Equi-Trek are the largest producer of horseboxes and trailers in the UK and the only British company to manufacture a complete range of horse transport from lightweight, towable trailers up to 26 tonne luxury horseboxes for over 10 horses.

World Class Performance Director Dan Hughes said; “The support of Equi-Trek to the World Class Programme and British equestrian teams will provide us with a step change in the provision of essential services at national and international competitions and allow us to best support our British athletes to win medals on the world stage. The logistical support the World Class Programme provides to athletes, owners and home teams is vital to ensure a winning mentality and environment; the trailers will become an integral part of our logistical plan and we are delighted to be working with Equi-Trek as we prepare for the European Championships later this year.”

Equi-Trek will sit alongside an impressive list of Official Suppliers, including but not limited to; Land Rover, Toggi, Dodson & Horrell, Natural Animal Feeds, NuuMed, Point Two Equine and TAGG Equestrian. Equestrian Team GBR covers all the equestrian Olympic and Paralympic disciplines, our non-Olympic FEI disciplines and youth teams.



Andrew Nicholson takes Equi-Trek Bramham CCI3* after a fall that nearly paralysed him

13th Jun 2016

Andrew Nicholson is the winner of this years CCI3* at the Equi-Trek Bramham International Horse Trials riding Deborah Sellar’s nine-year-old Jet Set IV.

The New Zealander was third after cross-country and had fence 10 down, but when the two ahead of him both had more faults, the title was his. This was Andrew’s first major win since his serious accident at Gatcombe last year.

“I thought the course was big when I walked it, but I didn’t want to say anything in case people thought I’d lost my touch,” he said, when asked about why the track caused quite a few problems.

“The oxers were very square and wide and there was a lot of turning back on yourself between fences, which for event horses is pretty difficult.”

As the winner, Andrew will win the use of an Equi-Trek Sonic for a year!

Equi-Trek Feature in British Showjumping Magazine

Equi-Trek Feature in British Showjumping Magazine

18th Jul 2016

As Equi-Trek enter into their second year as a British Showjumping Business Partner, Lucy Mowatt speaks to Managing Director Tom Janion to find out what drives this family business

We want to support the people that support us,” Tom Janion begins. “If we can give back to the industry with sponsorships or partnerships, then that’s what we’ll do. We try to support all the equestrian disciplines because we’re passionate about horses.”

And it’s certainly something he has a strong track record of doing as Managing Director of Equi-Trek, Britain’s leading horsebox manufacturer. In fact, the family run company joined the British Showjumping Business Partnership last year, supporting the International Stairway Series and the Performance Pathway Programme.

It’s this passion that drives the business forward in general, with much of Tom’s life revolving around horses. Not only was his mother Hilary a successful showjumper, but he got started with equestrian sport at a young age.

“I first sat on a pony at 18 months old,” he laughs. “I also won at Horse of the Year Show a couple of times and shows at [Hickstead] Royal International – I was on the British Pony Team for showjumping too.”

Now aged 31, Tom reveals that he no longer rides, because the business he started with his father Ray in the 1990s has expanded to fill his time.

“We started Equi-Trek because we felt that horse trailers hadn’t improved in the previous 50 years. We saw an opportunity for the industry to move into the modern era.”

In making that decision, Equi-Trek now has a reputation for innovation, which goes back to its first products. “We have a patent on our side-ramp design, which allows you to have one ramp for the horses to go in and out, which means they can travel facing backwards. It also allows you to have a tack room, or accommodation, at the front where the front ramp used to be. Before we came along you had to buy a truck if you wanted any accommodation.‘‘

“When we started the business, there were some reasonably large companies doing a good job in horse trailer manufacture, but we saw that the motorised horsebox market looked more like a cottage industry. There were lots of small companies building everything bespoke, rather than building on a production line to make them efficiently. That’s where we saw the biggest gap in the market.

“We now offer the biggest range of any manufacturer in Europe, from the smallest two-horse trailer up to the 26-tonne eight horse trucks.”

Product development has remained at the heart of the business – with safety being highest on the agenda. With a whole team of qualified engineers dedicated to meeting international regulations, Equi-Trek was the first horsebox company in the UK to get European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approvals.

“We’re still one of the very few that are doing it,” Tom explains, “which means customers know the vehicle is going to be safe, because it’s certified by all the authorities.

“We have exclusivity agreements with some vehicle manufacturers too, working closely with their safety departments to make sure the product’s right for what we’re trying to do. We’re very selective about who we work with on the chassis because they’ve got to be willing to work with us to get the product right. We can’t take an off-the-shelf product and hope it’ll be alright. We need reliable partners.”

Being the best

The drive for innovation is still strong too, with Equi-Trek striving to be the best on the market. “We’ve got a research and development department working on a mixture of improving the existing products and developing new ones.

“We’ve just launched what we call the leisure vehicle pack,” he reveals, “which means you can have some of our motorized horseboxes that are over 3.5 tonnes registered as a motorhome. That means you don’t have to have a speed limiter, you don’t need a tachograph, you can use the third lane on the motorway and there’s no MOT for the first three years. That’s something we’ve worked very closely on with the VCA [part of the UK Department for Transport].”

But it’s not just the products that Equi-Trek is trying to revolutionise. It’s the way people buy horseboxes that needs to change.

“Horsebox companies are notorious for taking large deposits and going bankrupt, so people lose their money,” Tom explains. “We believe that shouldn’t be the case. If someone orders a vehicle at £100,000, we only take a £2,000 deposit with nothing else to pay until the vehicle is ready. We get a lot of customers who come to us with that in mind. Plus, we’re building hundreds of vehicles all the time, so customers know that we’re going to be here for the initial purchase, for the aftersales, for the parts and so on. It’s like buying from a car manufacturer rather than a cottage industry.”

In terms of new launches, Tom reveals that Equi-Trek is getting ready to launch in the US, taking British-made products to a larger market.

“There will be motorised vehicles going out there shortly. We’ve been exporting trailers out there for a while, but we’ve now agreed an exclusive partnership with Ford, so we’re hoping to launch at the end of this year.

“Much of what we produce is exported. The majority goes to Europe, but some go as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.”

In spite of the global focus of the business, Equi-Trek is proud to be a British company, employing nearly 200 people in Yorkshire.

“Everything is built within a five-mile radius [of Equi-Trek’s head office in Holmfirth],” he says. “We’re proud to be British and proud to be in Yorkshire. It also gives us control over product development,quality and more. I’m up at 5.30 every morning and visit every factory before work.

“We’re passionate about the people that work here. We’d never consider shutting the factory and moving it abroad. It’s not something that we just produce and sell; it’s part of us, part of the team and part of the family.”

British Showjumping Magazine Issue 4 2016






Paintseal Direct Now Available at Equi-Trek

3rd Aug 2016

Equi-Trek Ltd are delighted to be able to offer market leading paint and fabric protection products across our range of horseboxes and trailers, professionally applied nationwide by Paintseal Direct.

Exterior Benefits:

  • Maintains a high gloss appearance
  • Seals and protects paintwork, ABS and GRP against tree scratches, moss, discolouration from sunlight etc.
  • Easy cleaning of grime and streaks
  • Low maintenance - no more waxing or abrasive cleaning - just wash, go and enjoy!

Interior Benefits:

  • Seals and protects fabric seating upholstery
  • Easy cleaning and no stains guaranteed
  • Keeps interiors looking newer for longer
  • Hypo-allergenic, non CFC PTFE formula

For further information please contact:

Paintseal Direct Ltd (01283 703777)





17th Sep 2016