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Voyager Horse Transport

30th Dec 2012

Here at Equi-Trek, we can't believe how quickly this year has gone, 2012 seems to have flown by! We're pleased to say that it's been a fantastic year here and we've been busy supplying a range of high quality horse transportation.

Our full range of horse transportation includes the following -

  • Horse Trailers

  • Horseboxes - Up to 7.5 Tonnes

  • Horseboxes - Over 7.5 Tonnes

On our website you can view all of the above ranges that we have available and we also have an online brochure you can download to find out more in-depth information about our horseboxes or trailers. We also hope to have some shows and exhibitions coming to the UK in the coming years so make sure you keep an eye out on our website for when we have dates available.

We would love to be your first choice when you require a new horsebox or trailer and we're more than confident that you won't be disappointed with coming to us.

To find our more information relating to our voyager horse transport, please feel free to call us on 01484 852 121 and we'll be more than happy to assist you further.

Horse Trailer Website image

Horse Trailers Website

24th Nov 2012

If you are searching the internet looking to buy a horse trailer then simply click on the Equi-Trek website  to view the ultimate in equine transport with their range of horse trailers, horse boxes up to and over 7.5 tonnes, and HGV horseboxes both new and pre-owned.

Equi-Trek was founded in 1999 to design and manufacture the very best in equine transport. This family run business has a depth of understanding of the transport requirements for both horses and their owners which stems from their own personal involvement in competing within equestrian sports at international level. Their knowledge has enabled them to design and manufacture a range of innovative horse trailers that include the Equi-Trek unique patented side loading horse trailers which has a low, wide side loading ramp which promotes easier handling of the horse when loading, and also encourages the horse into the trailer as the horse area appears more spacious and inviting than many other manufacturers trailers.  Unloading is also easier in an Equi-Trek trailer as the horse is not required to turn itself on a tight circle or walk backwards to unload as is usual in the design of other horse trailers.

In addition Equi-Trek horse trailers allow a horse to travel facing backwards for greater stability and safety which means the horse unloads at the destination stress free and relaxed ready to compete or just go for a leisurely hack.  And Equi-Trek have not only put a lot of thought into the horses comfort, but for the convenience of the rider have provided tack lockers and in some models an overnight living area.

So if you are looking to buy the very best horse trailer for your equine friend then do not search the internet any further than the Equi-Trek website.  Once you have selected the horse trailer model that you are interested in then do not hesitate to call the friendly sales team at Equi-Trek on    +44 (0)1484 852121 or

Trail-Treka Trailer

Trail-Treka Horse Trailer

15th Dec 2012

Whether you enjoying attending competitions with your horse or pony or simply like to transport him/her to your favourite place to hack out and are looking to purchase a trailer which can be towed legally and safely with a small 4 x4 or an estate car, then there is no better trailer on the market today for this purpose than the Trail-Treka from the UK’s leading horse trailer manufacturer Equi-Trek.

As horse owners themselves with many years of travelling horses and competing at equine events up to international level, the team at Equi-Trek know exactly what is required to transport your horse or pony safely and comfortably for him/her to arrive relaxed and ready to compete or for you to enjoy a pleasurable hack. They also understand the requirements of you, the horse owner and rider and every attention to detail has been incorporated into the design and manufacture of their unique range of horse trailers.

The Trail-Treka is a stylish horse trailer with an aerodynamic design which features the unique patented Equi-Trek balanced and pressure assisted side loading ramp system for easier and safer loading which can be done with only one person.  It is made from the same lightweight, robust and high quality materials as the other horse trailers in the Equi-Trek range designed for ease of towing and to stand up to years of use.  Equi-Trek also recognise that some horses and owners prefer forward facing travel, which is catered for in this model.

The Trail-Treka is available in two models, the 'M' which carries two horse or ponies up to 16.2hh and has a gross towing weight of 2000kg, and the Trail-Treka 'L' which has a gross weight of 2500kg for those wishing to carry larger horses exceeding 16.2hh.

So if you are looking for a horse trailer that can be towed legally by a smaller 4 x4 or car and offers forward facing travel for your horses, then choose the Equi-Trek Trail-Treka. Contact the sales team at Equi-Trek on  +44 (0)1484 852121 or email: