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    Luxury horsebox with spacious walk-through cab and living area


Step 7 - Choose Accessories

Tracker Unit (UK only)
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Compact, discreet and self-powered with a battery life of up to four years. The unit can be tracked 24 hours a day whether indoors or outdoors

£460.00 +VAT
Ferry Lashing Points
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Four lashing points to secure your horsebox whilst travelling by ferry

£375.00 +VAT
Extra Tie Ring (Each)
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Can be positioned in most places on the vehicle for ease of use

£25.00 +VAT
Spare Wheel and Brace
Spare Wheel
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Easily accessible ready for times of need

£880.00 +VAT
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Safety Kit
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Includes Easy Clean Entry Mat, Fire Extinguisher (BS EN 1869), Fire Blanket (BS EN 1869) and First Aid Kit

£155.00 +VAT
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1 x Evolution Classic £99,999.00