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Equi-Trek Multi Treka

Equi-Trek Multi-Treka


Right side of vehicle
Right side of vehicle
Left side of vehicle
Back of trailer with door open
Front of vehicle
Inside of trailer
Kitchen Area of Trailer
Bathroom Area
Equi-Trek Multi Treka
Ref: 637
2017 | Self White with Grey Graphics

The tri-axle Multi-Treka can carry up to three ponies/horses (depending on size and weight) complete with a full luxurious living area providing overnight accommodation for two people.

The wide body allows horses to turn easily, whilst the herringbone travel is preferred by some horses.

This trailer has a completely separate living area which comes kitted out with a hob and sink, ample storage and cupboard space, separate toilet compartment and a seating which can convert to bunks or a double bed. 

Fitted Extras: 

  • Electric Flushing Toilet
  • Fridge
  • Flettner 2000 Ventilator

Warranty: 2 Years Equi-Trek Warranty

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