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Pre-Owned Ifor Williams HB510
2005 | Black
For owners of larger horses up to 17.2hh.

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Space Treka M
2009 | Self- Colour White
2009 Pre-Owned Space Treka. Minimal use with only one previous owner!

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Trail Treka M
2013 | Black
2013 Pre-Owned Trail Treka M with only one previous owner and in good condition!

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Trail-Treka 'M'
2015 | Self Colour White with Silver graphics
Lovely 2015 Trail Treka 'M' which has only had one owner!

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Show Treka L
2008 | Metallic Land Rover Stornoway Grey
2008 painted Show Treka L in good condition that has had minimal use

Equi-Trek Space Treka III
2018 | Self Colour White with Black graphics
The Space-Treka III carries up to three horses or four ponies (depending on size and weight) whilst remaining compact and easy to tow.

Alexander York Horsebox
2008 | Silver
This lovely compact Alexander York horsebox has a gross weight of 3900kg and split ramp for ease

Equi-Trek Star-Treka
2018 | Self Colour White with Black graphics
The Star-Treka is a rear facing, spacious two horse trailer with luxury overnight accommodation.

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Sonic
2010 | 7,000 | Diesel | Iron Grey with Silver Graphics
This 2010 Sonic has had very light use with only 7,000 miles on the clock and only one owner! Full service history and a valid MOT until August 2018!

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Sonic
2011 | 4500 | Manual | Diesel | Iron Grey with Silver Graphic
2011 Iron Grey Sonic in good condition and low mileage!

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Sonic
2015 | 4600 | Manual | Diesel | Self- Colour White
Lovely Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Sonic that has only ever been owned by one person!

Equi-Trek Sonic
2018 | Manual 2.0L 160BHP | Diesel | Self Colour White with Grey Graphics
A compact, easy to drive horsebox, with a gross maximum weight of 3,500kg, meaning it can be driven by anyone with a standard car licence.

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Sonic 5
2013 | 5400 | Diesel | Aluminium Silver with Black Graphics
The compact, versatile and easy to drive Sonic Five offers a five seater cab with five seat belts; designed with family and friends in mind.

Equi-Trek Super Sonic Five
2018 | Manual 2.0L 160BHP | Diesel | Self Colour White with Grey Graphics
The Super Sonic Five is designed for the owner who requires a greater weight carrying capacity.

Equi-Trek Valiant Excel
2018 | Manual 2.0L 160BHP | Diesel | Ruby Red and Aluminium Silver
Designed for the competitive owner who requires a horsebox to carry two horses safely and economically (depending on size and weight) combined with spacious overnight living accommodation.

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Endeavour Classic
2009 | 27,000 | Diesel | Iron Grey with Silver Graphics
This lovely 2009 Pre-Owned Endeavour Classic has only 27,000 miles on the clock!!

Pre-Owned Equi-Trek Endeavour Classic
2015 | Diesel | Self Colour White with Black graphics
2015 Endeavour Classic which has been a horsebox from brand new. Low mileage and only 2 previous owners!

Equi-Trek Endeavour Elite
2018 | Diesel | Arctic White and Pacific Blue
Developed to be the most outstanding and practical 7,500kg horsebox on the market, the Equi-Trek Endeavour has an incredible carrying capacity starting at 2,750kg!